This was a big one. Final layout project for the year : five layouts drawn out from a script with one establishing shot, one pan, and three sequential scenes as part of the requirements. I've included snippets of relevant text from the script under every shot. All that work I'd put into the stagecoach design really helped out here and made drawing it much easier from different angles, saved a lot of time.

"Sitting in the driver's seat is Jeb, a grizzled old-timer of indeterminate years who seems to be plagued with some apprehension. At his side sits Uriah, an imposing, heavy set man in late middle age clutching a Winchester carbine with a determined and uneasy air. On the ground, by the driver stands a third figure, Mortimer. Bespectacled, slight and primly attired in a stiff collared shirt, waistcoat, sleeve garters and visor, Mort is immediately obvious as a denizen of the Post Office."

"At Uriah's shout the team of horses leaps forward and the stagecoach accelerates down the main street towards the setting sun[...]"

"Mort looks after the departing stagecoach, shaking his head. MORT: 'If you live to collect it...' "

"As the stagecoach, now travelling along a narrow trail precariously snaking up the side of a mountain[...]"

"The centre horseman, clad in a long coat with and upturned collar and flat widebrimmed hat, is painfully gaunt, inhumanly pale and stares with unblinking eyes..."